Board of Directors

The Main Street Board of Directors represents leaders across a variety of sectors in our local community. Each member of the board brings unique skills, perspectives, and priorities to the table and together, lead the successes of Greensburg's Main Street organization.

Erica Gunn - President
Christopher Fogle - Vice President
Lauren Reed- Secretary
Jenn McCalvin- Treasurer
Lauren Reed
Jody Coffman
Bryan Davis
Bryan Robbins
Jenny Maddux
Jason Meyer

Exceutive Director

Susan Burkhart


Main Street Greensburg Organization Committee

Erica Gunn - President

Christopher Fogle - Vice President

Lauren Reed- Secretary 

Jenn McCalvin – Treasurer

Staci Schutte – Past President

Bryan Robbins – Historian

Main Street Greensburg Design Committee

Erica Gunn

Bryan Davis

Philip Deiwert

Main Street Greensburg Promotions Committee

Jenn McCalvin – Chairperson

Valerie Cochran

Ryan Maddux

Erica Gunn

Jody Coffman


Main Street Greensburg Economic Vitality Committee

Bryan Robbins – Co-Chairperson

Christopher Fogle- Co-Chairperson

Jody Coffman

Ex Officio Board Members 

Josh Marsh- Mayor, City of Greensburg
Darren Covington - Greensburg City Council
Jerome Buening - Decatur County Commissioner
Laurel Saylor - Decatur County Visitors and Recreation Commission
Bonnie Holaday - Alma Taylor Foundation


Our Mission:


Main Street Greensburg is a non-profit organization that creates a better community focusing on the downtown district through promotion, design, economic development, and historic preservation.



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