Market to Meal

This dinner started in 2016 with an effort to re-envision the alley spaces in our downtown district and to support locally sourced food.  All menu items (ok, except drinks but we could if we could get a brewery or winery to locate in our community) are sourced from our Farmers Market Vendors.  The food and companionship are amazing, and as one person puts it "it was the best use of the alley ever".  We brought the dinner back in 2017 with a different menu but still sourced from the Farmers Market.  We look forward to this being a yearly event in downtown.  Have a look at some photos from the evening, thank our sponsors below, and consider joining us for the next Market to Meal.



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Main Street Greensburg is a non-profit organization that creates a better community focusing on the downtown district through promotion, design, economic development, and historic preservation.


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